Skip. Don’t run.

Since I got back my feet have not stopped running and I am exhausted. My to-do-list feels like an impossible hope and daylight seems to disappear before I look up. So for today’s post I decided to see what some other’s are up to:

I love Sooziebee’s birdy doodles. (Good luck with the gardening Sue).

Nifty idea by Hommin to keep your trash. I also love the print. Found via Laissexfaire.

I love Heather’s new Skinnylaminx post on Keys. The stories are so touching and becuase I have always been a huge fan of The Secret Garden, these keys are indescribably beautiful to my imagination.

I can read‘ is a new blog I have discovered. I found this quote, fell in love with it and followed link after link to discover the source. I still do not think I know the real source but I will keep skipping along …

0 thoughts on “Skip. Don’t run.

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    sue says:

    why thankyou for that lovely mention, i’m really into these birds, and can’t put my pen down today!! Watch out for more…

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