On Wednesday I took some books out at the library. The lady who checked my books out looked grumpy. She took my books, shouted at some students for making too much noise and continued to mutter under her breath about something or other. When she handed my books back she smiled and I did a double take. I could not believe 1) how beautiful she was when she smiled and 2) that she had just smiled!

I walked away amazed and made a conscious effort for the rest of the day to keep a smile on my face. If it turned a lady I would have described as ordinary looking (and rather miserable) into a joyful and beautiful person (on perception) – well it is cheaper than any make-up in the world.

Smile! It makes you look more beautiful and feel a whole lot more positive.

Above is a picture of Katie (my dog) smiling. She always greets me with a toothy grin that I adore. I have to smile back. :)

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5 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Steffi says:

    That´s a nice and true post,Wendren!A smile can be a wonder. At my work I make always this experiences with our customers. A smile make my day better. Your Katie looks nice.
    Have a nice Friday!

  2. Adele says:

    And there I’ve been believing for years that my dog is the only one that smiles! Maybe its a girl-dog thing :-)

  3. Marian says:

    It is true though… a smile can change so much. especially when you’ve had a long week, lots going on…or not what you want going on… I lived for a looong time running from one palce to the other, not having much time for anything… and then you also forget to smile, or to just say thank you, hi… stuff like that. It’s a shame… it kinda changes your perception of the world and other people’s perception of you when you try to smile.

    My dog doesnt smile… he just stands on two legs and tries to lick… and this is a 50kg labrador….. not good.

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