So now what???

Here’s a really interesting article that I found about your career path, a life and what next? One always starts a new year with a big breathe and goes: “So now what?” (at least I did). Last year flew past and this year has arrived without warning and I feel a bit disrupted by it’s sudden appearance. This article helped by reminding me to:

1. Stick to it. Don’t get cold feet, don’t panic or worry – ride the roller coaster with the ups and downs.

“The thing is, there really never was a career path for you. That was something for your dad, or you about four careers ago. But those paths are gone. There’s not really even an indent any more where they were left. So, let’s just level with you now: congratulations. You’re the president of your career.”

2. Spend a day rewriting my goals. Even though a year passes so quickly and one barely gets to look at them again, it is worth writing down your goals even if it is just to get your mind looking towards the future.

3. Keep changing, growing and learning.

Now for the difficult part : application!


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