Sugar bowls

I have been looking for a nice sugar bowl for quite some time now. They are either too small, too feminine, have no space for a teaspoon or are simply non-descript. Why is it so hard to find a ‘beautiful’ sugar bowl?

The Art Deco sugar bowl above is gorgeous. I love the oldness of it, but to spend almost R400 on a sugar bowl makes me  feel like I come from the old times where sugar was a luxury (to me, today, the container would be). The other option (and more viable one) I found from Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

Lisa does not make sugar bowls yet (which is a shame) but I love her creamers with the colorful glazes… they look fantastic. She has however agreed to give a sugar-bowl a try and I for one can’t wait to see how they turn out… I might have, at last, found my sugar-bowl.

0 thoughts on “Sugar bowls

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    anja says:

    I love the art deco one its simple and intriguing, due to combining of 2 materials. Interesting though, what one visualizes as a good sugarbowl? Living near the sea I guess a lid becomes a must ,then with spoon, that should have an indentation so the lid rests properly ??… boggling..

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