Swan time

In South Africa we have a lot of birds but the swan is not one of them. In Switzerland they were as common as Cape Town’s seagulls. It is funny how one notices things that make a place different and that are taken for granted when you live somewhere.


Being on holiday is wonderful. It is frightening to think it was only a month ago. It feels like a year ago. This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately – what are we going to do about how time flies so fast? We are all lost in what day of the week it is and we cannot believe that January has already passed. I am no exception but my worry is that I do not know how to slow down and still keep up.

I don’t want it to be December and I am still reflecting on the single day that I walked down the lake in Switzerland and swans followed me. Now, I am about to jump into my car to rush around for the day and I admit, I barely notice things. Something has to change, everyday needs to last longer and not just pass by in a blur.

0 thoughts on “Swan time

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    Steffi says:

    Yes, I know like you feeling… Being on holidays is wonderful.
    The time go so fast away and now is everything only memories.Anne is already 7 weeks back here but she is missing everything soooo much!Please tell your mom & the staff there many greetings from her!

    Your photos are fantastic,Wendren!

  2. Danya says:

    Hi there, first comment from me, but not the first visit to your lovely blog. That second photo is great – it’s wonderful how you’ve caught the sun touching some of the swans’ heads.

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