The Brilliant Fire extinguisher *idea!

Walking in the veldt the other day I noticed this rather odd looking fire extinguisher.


To my great delight it was not a real one but one carved out of wood.



This completely perplexed me but later it was kindly explained to me: the purpose of the wooden fire extinguisher is obviously not to put fires out but to help ‘stop’ fires by reminding people of the do nots and giving the emergency call numbers.

I especially love this:


I think this is such a clever and proactive idea!

13 thoughts on “The Brilliant Fire extinguisher *idea!

  1. anja says:

    Oh dear, this means that the bokkie with its tears has found its due by date, but this is much more convincing and very clever…

  2. g man says:

    i don’t know about you guys, but if i ran there thinking it was a real fire extinguisher, and i happened to need one, i’d be pretty pissed.

  3. gWallet says:

    Brilliant idea.

    @Heather – nice! Thanks for pointing that out…off to visit them shortly.

    @Davey – wouldn’t you rather see it stolen, and shown around, and needing to be replaced, rather than smashed to the ground on the spot? I agree, neither are ideal situations, but I’d rather see it gone on to another use (perhaps inspiring future designers?) than trashed on the spot.

  4. sakurasnow says:

    Thanks for this great post – I love the wooden fire extinguisher, and particularly enjoyed that last message (both the bit about the highly flammable destabilising invasive alien – damn those gumtrees, damn those port jacksons! – and the message to the vandals)!

  5. Heidi says:

    Hi there. I think it is brilliant! Too solve the issue of needing an extinguisher in an emergency, I suggest painting it yellow or blue. And to hang a real one next to it!

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