The magical ingredients

Three are supposedly many ‘magical’ ingredients to successful business’s but are they really ‘magical’ when you know what they are and that they are achievable by everybody?

Alex Iskold has written a very inspirational article titled ‘What Start-ups can learn from Haruki Murakami‘  and drawn four key points from it that I feel are the magical (or not so magical) ingredients to successful start-ups.

  1. Find your passion and commit to it
  2. Stick with what you know
  3. Start even and finish first
  4. Never settle and always seek creativity

P.S. The comments to this article are also very inspiring. Take the time and read them. It is worth it.

0 thoughts on “The magical ingredients

  1. Kerry says:

    Hi Wendren

    Very inspirational. Makes me rethink what I am doing now and how I should change. I really appreciate this post. But we have become accustomed to your well thought out, quality posts. Something I aspire to.

    Thanks again,