The time is NOW – consumer trends 2009

I really enjoy reading Trenwatching’s consumer trend breakdowns. They are always so interesting and I can always pick up a few ‘nuggets of gold’ – here they are:

One of the KEY things about 2009 that they speak about is the ‘NOW’. It’s about being relevant, being present and being ‘grounded’ (by this I mean, feet on the ground and aware of your surroundings).
They also speak about focusing on the NICHE. Having a specific message and a specific product. This again links back to being ‘aware’ and being in the ‘NOW’ as they put it.

One of my favourite ‘nuggets of gold’ I picked up is this: “Luxury will be whatever you want it to be”. Luxury is defined by scarcity. If something is rare then the value goes up and it becomes a ‘luxury’ item. What this means for 2009 is that every individual has their own scarcities and thus, their own category of luxury items. It is no longer defined by price but rather by individuals and exclusivity/rarity. Again linking to NICHE.
As Trendwatchers advices: “…in 2009, instead of worrying about missing out on the next big thing in luxury, focus on defining it”.

What I also like about these ‘trend nuggets’ is that they are about helping people save money and respecting the environment.

At the end of all of this it reflects one of the most exciting things I have read in years: that people are realizing that happiness is NOT (just) about traditional consumption.

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