The Wonders of Nature

I went away this weekend with a few friends to the Citrusdal mountains. On Saturday we went for a hike and here are some of the beautiful things I noticed along the way.

The below two pics are of a burnt protea. I love the geometric shapes that are clearer now that only the skeleton of the flower remains.

There are also beautiful shapes and patterns in the Protea bushes, bud and leaves.

There is beauty in the grass too. The shapes of the seeds are fascinating.

The colours in leaves are also brilliant. Look at the wonderful combination of red and green in the photo below. In fashion and design we steer clear of using red and green together but here, in nature, they work perfectly. I am always amazed.

Lastly, how can one miss the small triggers of happiness that lie so close to the ground. Hidden between dried twigs and grass this little yellow flower pocked out. A ray of sunshine amongst the dirt.

0 thoughts on “The Wonders of Nature

  1. siw says:

    Hello Wendren!
    Tanks for the e-post.
    It is so nice too se nature on the other side of the world…..
    very nice


  2. elisa says:

    Those pictures are beautiful. You really captured the details of your hike. I’m jealous – it looks like it was a really good hike.