The worlds best coffee

Whilst sitting sipping my morning coffee I reflected on how it really is a special treat. Coffee is a pudding to me – it does not matter how bad the caffeine is or how many sugars I stir in, it’s ‘me’ time and makes me feel just like Jesse’s sugar print.


About a year ago friends of my granny’s arrived from St Helena and brought with them a packet of coffee beans. My granny is a instant coffee girl so she called me to show her how to make real coffee. However, it was me who was most taken aback becuase this coffee was PHENOMENAL! As it turned out St Helena coffee is the purest coffee in the world becuase it has never having been cross-pollinated.

It was brought to the island in 1732 from Yemen and when Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the island in 1816, he fell in love with it and soon it became ‘THE’ coffee. In 1851 it was selected as the finest coffee in the world but somehow between then and only a few years ago, it was forgotten to the world. In 1994 coffee trees 250 years old, some 40 feet tall, were found covered by jungle. Today the industry is reborn and the coffee is delighting the tongues of coffee lovers again. It is a taste that has definitely left my taste buds wishing for just another sip.

My granny still has some in her freezer (saved only for very special occasions) but sadly coffee is not something you can keep for a long period of time and it is not the same. Now I just dream of a coffee from a far-a-way land…

To read the full story of St Helena coffee click here.

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  1. char says:

    Interesting read. I can relate to your passion for coffee. Instant coffee, no matter which brand, just cant compare. Its all I have in cupboard today, so I’m off to put the kettle on.
    I love your NEW {The Antique Linen & Leather Bag}. I definitely have one on my wish list.

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