Travel Plans

Today is a big day – Jeremy and I are booking our tickets to go to Switzerland to visit friends (who are more like family) and spend two weeks snow boarding down some gorgeous slopes. I am shivering with nerves clicking that ‘pay now’ button becuase …well paying for anything big always makes me nervous, but at the same time, shivering with excitment that I might get to experience my first ‘white christmas’.


The flight is going to be long but I found these beautiful notebooks full of puzzles: crosswords, hangman, word searches, logic puzzles and various forms of sodoku that would be wonderful time-fillers. They are so pretty and nothing like the cheap paper ones you usually buy from the airport. I think that these Pocket Posh books would make great travel gifts … hint hint

0 thoughts on “Travel Plans

  1. Steffi says:

    Wow…Congrats!You must be very excited now!You go to the Switzerland! If you are in the near from Hamburg don´t forget to visit us!!!!!
    Great gifts! Anne´s time in S.A. is soon closed! She enjoy every minutes there and she will come back!

  2. Florcita says:

    Just as Im going to the southern Hemisphere, you are coming up here! As I heard from a friend who lives in Switzerland, it’s snowing already in the villages, so 1- good snow up in the Alps 2- you might get your white Christmas.

  3. elisa says:

    How fun! Have a great time in Switzerland =)
    Thanks for sharing about those awesome notebooks. The travel crossword and sudoko books I see tend to be very boring but those look very cheerful and well made.