I was never one for typefaces. I suppose this is because I was ignorant and never saw them as art forms or knew there was a history to each curve, shape and line. This changed when last year I was shown a movie about Helvetica by Gary Hustwit (who, to my delight, was a delegate at the Design Indaba conference this year).

Helvetica is a feature-length documentary about typography and the font Helvetica in particular. It looks at it’s history, its past and its impact in the global visual culture today – something I had never thought about. As a result, when I was in Switzerland in December I was noticing Helvetica everywhere.

What is your typeface? found via¬† ‘anything goes’ is a lot of fun. According to it my typeface is ‘Marina Script’.

I think that this might be a nice font for the wedding invites …

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    Nielfa Hanifa says:

    Oh, type and typography makes me want to jump around with excitement… I’m one of those people who are lucky enough to work in an industry they’re passionate about. Letters are an art form many people take for granted.

    You might find this post interesting to read also, http://essenceofcapetown.co.za/archives/383. That poster is displayed in my office at work :)

    I’m definitely going to find out what my typeface is next I’m at a computer… If you didn’t know, I’m recovering after spinal surgery and stuck in bed most of time.

  2. Danya says:

    Interesting posts – this one and the preceding one! Did you see (or read) Steve Martin’s ‘Shop Girl’? One of the characters is a typeface designer (though as far as I remember you never get to see his actual design). It’s funny/interesting how some people are fascinated by the shapes of letters and numbers, and others hardly notice or ponder the differences.

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