Valentines Cards

Valentines Day is JUST around the corner so I thought I would do some shopping on etsy (my new found love). Here are some really great cards I found:


From left to right: I am an absolute squirrel fan which is why I love this card by papermichelle; This is probably my favourite shop find of the lot. How cute is this hedgehog card? The outside reads: “HI! I KIND OF LIKE U …” and the inside reads “A LOT”; The “You + Me” card by JulieAnnA reminds me of scribbles in my high school maths book. What a great idea for a card though; This card by upup took me a while to get but once I did, I had to favourite it. It reads “If it were opposited day, then I would tell you that I hate you. More than I hate anyone else. Even more than I hate that girl from the fifth grade. For Real.” I love how this card‘s text is unexpected; I am also crazy about this card: The heart is attached and reads “Owl you need is love” and reminds me of that great song by the Beatles: All you need is love. Wouldn’t it be such a sweet ‘hoot’ if when you opened the card this song played; Lastly, the “be mine” card is by threewheelsdesign.

…and just becuase Valentines day is a day for love(ers) I had to include this card by steppie for those of you who feel like the third wheel on a day like this:

It’s a cute card and we have all been there.

Quick hurry over and buy your card. The only catch with etsy is you have to take shipping times into consideration (I have my fingers crossed that the cards I ordered arrive in surprising time).

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