What have I learnt

When my paypal account was first closed due to the fraudulent transactions everybody’s first statement was: “You must not use internet cafe’s!”. Yes, this is true but it was irrelevant information for me as I have never used an internet cafe. People then responded with: “Oh. So what should we do so that this does not happen to us?”

I had a complicated password, had never used any computer but my home one to access my accounts, had not given out any important details, ran regular anti-virus checks….all the basics rules of protection I had followed. However, in order to protect myself better in the future here are the few things I have learnt and now apply:

  • Have different passwords for all your accounts (including your mail). To keep things simple I used similar passwords and this allowed the fraudsters full-access.
  • Change your password every few weeks.
  • Go into your Paypal/banking site, do what you need to do and come right out. Do not stay logged in.
  • Check your account regularly to make sure that no fraud has occurred.
  • Close your browser when you are not using the internet.
  • Transfer your money out of Paypal (or any online payment gateway) as soon as it comes in becuase you have to remember that it is not a bank but a gateway.
  • Have two email addresses confirmed and registered with Paypal. This helps if you cannot access your primary email becuase you can then redirect all your mail to your secondary one without needing confirmation which you give through your primary.

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