Why I love vitamin water

Forever Jeremy spoke about this brilliant stuff called Vitamin water that he used to buy by the crate load when he lived in America. To us South Africans, Vitamin Water was a myth.


However, at the Design Indaba this year the delegates got given free bottles of Vitamin Water. I flew home and handed over what I thought tasted a bit like Oros to a ecstatic Jeremy.

I’m not so keen on the taste or what they are but I am drawn to their colourful labels and fantastical stories (that have a very South African flavour to them). Glaceau marketers have really made a fun drink and if it does not make you feel better, then reading the story on the label will.

vitamin-water-labelThis is my favourite story:

Berry Flavoured: XXX (triple antioxidants)
c’mon get your mind out the gutter, we only named this drink xxx becuase it has the power of triple antioxidants to help keep your body cells healthy. they are basically kiff little ninjas – trained assassins that use really, really small nunchucks to beat the daylights out of nasty free radicals.

so in case you’re wondering, this is not called xxx to disguise any dodginess, it does not hang around on hillbrow street corners, or contain explicit adult content, or anything considered “uncensored”. and it has never been seen live or nude, but it is definitely out there.

Actually, this one might be my favourite:

Organce Flavoured: Essential (C+Calcium)
ah, orange juice commercials. funny stuff. mom cheerily prepares some huge breakfast while the rest of her family sleeps. sure, this could happen. but every morning? please. maybe if mom were heavily medicated, in which case we wouldn’t condone operating a stove or any electrical appliance.

for those of us who don’t live in an orange juice commercial, there’s still a way to get your morning vitamin c plus calcium, so you can get out and seize the day (or whatever else takes your fancy for that matter) without the whole spaced out mom thing.


If you also cannot decide what story you prefer then read them all here or go down to a shop and ask for a bottle of Vitamin Water. They are on free promotion at select stores at the moment (how great is that!?!).

3 thoughts on “Why I love vitamin water

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    Kim says:

    We like our Vitamin Water around here … even better is the cheaper generic versions popping up in groceries! It’s gatorade without the high fructose corn syrup. My diabetic husband loves it for blood sugar lows. I think some of the flavors taste like soap (dragonfruit) and I’m not big on the cheeky marketing, but I’m devoted to the clear citrus kind.

  2. Steffi says:

    Such colourful bottles of Vitamin water we haven´t here.We have other vitamin waters but they looks not so nice.
    Interesting stories on the bottles!

  3. Thaya says:

    Hey Wendren, I don’t know where else you can get it behind the lentil curtain, but I know you can find them at Big Blue, in Kalk Bay. I also loved the copy on the labels ~ I want an assignment like that dammit! Hope you’re well :)

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