Wish me luck :)

Tomorrow I am doing the Breede River Canoe Marathon.

Paddling our first race in Knysna

I used to be quite a competitive paddler but then I did the Pe-El Surfski Challenge and my body took quite a hard knock. I did a few more races but nothing with as much dedication and before I knew it I’d fallen out of the habit of training.

Getting back into it felt very daunting and two years passed by rather quickly as I focused on my Thesis and then starting my career. Now that I am ‘self-employed’ and have more freedom of time, I committed to paddling this race with Jeremy. He has learnt to balance and paddle in the last 6 months and tomorrow will be his first canoe marathon (it would also be that we have just had major storms and the river is flooding!). I’m proud of him and thankful becuase without him, I doubt I would be doing the race tomorrow – and I am glad I am.

0 thoughts on “Wish me luck :)

  1. anja says:

    Oh wow, this will be a tricky one, all the best and enjoy, hope the weather keeps its end of the race/deal too.

  2. Marian says:

    aah how nice! i love canoeing! Nothing as pro as you are doing … I grew up right accross the street from a very beautiful, clean, big river. It starts in the Andes and travells around 800km all the way to the Atlantic, right by where I grew up.
    Every year at the end of january, there is a big Regata down this river (Regata del Rio Negro, Argentina) and people from all over the world paddle around 500km in a week (I think nowadays is a bit less, but it is still a couple of hundread km), camping along the river at night. It is a race and it is always so exciting to see them all along the way, the camaraderie… really great.

    Well, good luck to you!