How much is that doggy in the suitcase?

I am absolutely moggy about this ‘petbed’ I found on Design Sponge.

dog in suitcase

Kirsten took a vintage suitcase and turned it into a ‘petbed’. Why not? It won first place in the 2008 d*s diy contest and I can see why. No more dog hair all over and no more fighting over who gets the couch. Absolutely brilliant! I have to get one of these but I think the shipping costs to South Africa will amount to a small fortune. I am probably going to have to turn it into my own DIY project for my three smiley-faced dogs and floppy cat.

0 thoughts on “How much is that doggy in the suitcase?

  1. GP says:

    I’m adopting a dog in the next couple months, and I know I’ll be crazy for fun accessories like the doggy bed. And that pup is too cute. I want that one!

    But my real reason for commenting: I love, love, love your new sugarbush bag. It’s positively gorgeous. You’re a great designer/creator. While each of your bags is stunning and hip, you manage to up the ante each week. I’m always eager to see what’s next!

  2. wendren says:

    Just wait till you see the bags and other products I have planned for the next few weeks. I went and spent a fortune at the fabric shop today. I always go in and I say to myself: “You only need max 3 meters of fabric today!” Well, I bought 12 today!!!! I cannot wait to show you. :)