What to do with cardboard packaging

So you go out and spend (as consumerism requires) and you get home to unpack, what in my case was a washing machine, through layers of cardboard, polysterene and plastic. The washing machine is a dream but now what do I do with the packaging?

Here are some options:

1. Recycle it. *If you do not know where to take it you can always drop it off at your nearest school or give it to a homeless person who will more than likely know where to take it becuase they get paid a small amount for it.
2. Make a solar box cooker.
3. Reuse it as a box to ship Wren bags (but obviously the box will need to be made smaller).
4. Make a cardboard chair and watch this amazing video (below) to see how far you can take the idea of a cardboard chair.

5. Bake sweet potatoes with it, instead of using an oven. See how.
6. Make a cat litter. This could not be easier and works like a charm for Pye when she was still a tiny kitten. I put wax wrap on the bottom, filled it with kitty litter and every day I would replace it.
7. Hungry? Make cardboard food.
8. Make drawer dividers. See DIY. (This is something I have always done with shoe boxes by cutting the lid off).
9. Use cardboard to keep away weeds. How? Lay cardboard pieces under your mulch near where you plant your flowers and it will keep the weeds to a minimum.
10. Have a bit of fun and make pom-pom’s.

Whatever you do, do not throw your cardboard away. Why? Because on average, 9% of urban garbage dumps consist of cardboard boxes and a ton of cardboard boxes is the equivalent of 17 trees. For more facts read here.

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