Folding a Gift Bag

Folding a gift bag is relatively simple – there are just one or two awkward spots. From the beginning of Wren up until Feb this year I have been cutting and folding gift bags out of maps. Elaine, Russel and Rachel from Mandela Park in Hout Bay now make them for Wren.

I have drawn up a template showing you the three different map bag sizes and their measurements. There is a key that explains what the solid, grey and other lines all mean. Wren Gift Bag Template


a.     Trace the template using a sharp pencil onto the paper that you wish to make the gift bag out of.
b.     Cut the template out
c.      On the reverse side of the now cut out paper template, draw the 6/8cm horizontal line, 2cm horizontal line and the 4 main vertical folds (the lines that are indicated as black on the diagram).

2.     BODY OF BAG:
a.     Fold the 2cm lip to the 4cm lip guide at the top f the bag.
b.     Fold the 4 vertical folds. I find it easier to fold it the wrong way around (folding on the back of the map) because then you can see the fold lines.

c.      Reverse the fold lines and half the fold creating the inner fold.

d.     You should now have a box like shape.
e.     Using double-sided tape join the two sides and seal the box.

3.     BAG BASE

a.     Cut the slits as shown on the template.
b.     Now folding up towards the 6/8cm pencil line fold in the corners keeping the tight bag corners sharp. This is the trickiest part of making the gift bag so look carefully at the step-by-step photographs. I use my finger to mark the corner and then fold the edge up so that I can get a good bag outer corner. (I know this sounds awfully complex but I promise, once you’ve done it once you will have the hang of it).

c.      Gently flatten the bag so that the base lies flat against the body of the bag (make sure you fold the base back on the seam side of the bag because this is the back).
d.     Using double sided tape, seal the base of the bag.

a.     Find the middle of the top of the bag and using a paper punch, punch two holes on either side.
b.     Using Petersham ribbon,  thread it through the holes and tie a knot holding the ribbon in place.

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  1. Anna M. November 23, 2010 at 3:45 am #

    That is really cool, I’ll never look at maps the same way again.

  2. Steffi December 26, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    Really beautiful !Thank you for your nice tutorial,Wendren!

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