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The Frog design has its roots in poisonous frogs that are very tied to tradition and ritual.

Frogs are weird creatures with long sticky fingers. They can be both large and tiny. They can glow in the dark and camouflage incredible well. Some climb tree’s whilst others live in the ground for months on end without water. They are special and definitely have magical properties. There is even a fairy tale that if you kiss a toad he will turn into a prince !

Available in Dark Charcoal and bright green / Dark Charcoal and milky white.

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Wren Cama Orange iPad Sleeve


The Chameleon is a deeply respected and often feared reptile in Africa with one eye that looks into the future and the other into the past. Most Africans will not go near a Chameleon and view them as very bad omens which is sad becuase they are fascinating creatures: a prehistoric body that can change colour is less than 20 seconds, a tongue that rolls out longer than it’s body, and let’s not forget how slowly they move. Some African fables say that this is why they cannot be trusted… There are many beliefs associated with this little creature that hides in the trees that certainly do not help ensure its survival. They are rare finds in Africa today which is sad. I dare to say that if you see one, you are lucky!

Available in Dark Charcoal and Orange / Dark Charcoal and Frothy white.

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The final design of the three is inspired by water and fish. African rivers are deadly not only because of the creatures that live in them but also because of the strong and powerful gods that rule them. With lots of flowing lines that mimic currents this design pays respect to one of the greatest life givers and takers in Africa: Water.

This design is perhaps the most beautiful of the range with a very graphic quality to the print.

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Read and see pictures of how this range was developed here.

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