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Gauze Poetry

Hesere Gildenhuys ‘Gauze Poetry’ was the highlight of the CPUT exhibition for me. She is a B.TEch Surface Design student that I feel produced something truly beautiful, interesting, engaging and strong with meaning. To give you some insight into the art pieces I will drop few key words: phenomenology embodiment perception and representation self reflection […]


Helen Musselwhite’s fabulous Art

I’m always on the look out for inspiring artists and Helen Musselwhite is one of those that instantly drew me. Helen uses bold colors, strong graphic lines and familiar images and creates fictional almost fantasy scenes. She describes her work has having a distinctive hand crafted quality with hints of mid century design, folk and […]


Wendren’s Art

I really enjoying drawing and sketching. A few weeks back I picked up a charcoal stick after a long absence and sketched away at my cat Mischief. I really liked these rough sketches and realized that I still had the ability and the passion for drawing animals. This reminded me that when I was studying […]


The Art in Knitting

I am not much of a knitter – in fact, I don’t and can’t knit at all! However, that does not prevent me from admiring Sandra Backlund’s heavy wool collage kniting. She is unlike any other ‘knitter’ I have come across – she is an artist and sculptor whose medium is wool and whose paint […]


‘Wool’ Exhibition

I’ve just heard about a really exciting exhibition that is happening soon in the town right next to mine. Lino, a coffee-shop-come-gallery, is hosting their first exhibition of art and handmade goods all to do with wool. It will feature and sell the work of local artists Jesse Breytenbach, Karen Suskin, Liezl Trautman, Hanna Morris, […]


Linn Olofsdotter

Linn Olofsdotter is one of my all-time favourite illustrators. She is from Sweden but resides and works in Boston. I first came across her work in the front of a magazine that I had bought for next to nothing and I thought the drawings were too beautiful to tear out – so I still have […]