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The Linen Patch Bag *NEW*

Sometimes the most beautiful things are made out of a lot of smaller just-as-beautiful things. Like the Linen Patch Bag. Made from small pieces of antique linen that are pieced together to fit each other perfectly. The linen texture of this fabric is beautiful, soft and full of history: hand-woven and homespun over 100 years […]


BOTCEM PPC Cement Laptop Bag

This is my favourite PPC Cement Laptop Bag becuase … 1) In Africa the sky is a magnificent colour. This bag is that sky blue – intense and vivid. 2) I grew up in Botswana which is where this cement packaging is from so it is extra special for me. 3) This bag is offered […]


NEW {The Antique Linen & Leather Bag}

The {Antique Linen & Leather Bags} are more beautiful than words can truly describe. The textures are soft and as you run your hand over the surface,  you can feel the small knots that tied together the threads that are used to weave this fabric over 100 years ago. Complimented with leather trim, the design […]


Wren Wrapping

I value the wrapping of gifts and I carry this through to Wren bag packaging. Each Wren bag is packaged in a brown paper bag sealed with a safety pin decorated with brightly coloured beads. The safety pin is a traditional South African clothing item used instead of a button to hold clothes together and […]


About Wren Bags

Wren bags are very special. Each one is unique, a one-of-a-kind, and with its own personality – just like you! A lot of time is spent making sure the colours and patterns of each bag work together. All the bags are made perfectly so that they last you a long time and meet the highest […]