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Cat or Dog?

This is one of my favourite post cards… It seems to asks “are you a cat or a dog?” Whats your outside and who are you inside? Cat: Calm, cool, collected and uncaring of what others think. Has few needs and is independent. Runs away from social interaction. Proud, listens but falls asleep with boredom […]


Sewing is for everyone

Pye (her official name which is a shortened version of Piebald) has taken to technology better than most. She sleeps behind the computer where the fan warms her up and loves the ‘tunnel’ of the sewing machine. One of the best things about having a pet, especially a cat, is they know when you have […]


Keep Calm and Carry On

The slogan ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ is famous and very fashionable. Its creator is unknown but its origin is clearly from WWII. Visit sfgirlbybay or www.keepcalmandcarryon.com to buy posters. In 1939 the British government ministry commisioned several propoganda posters to be displayed throughout the country upon the outbreak of war and this poster was […]


A little bit of fun

Mischief is always in the way. Sometimes he is a nuisance, sometimes he is adorable and at times like this, he makes me smile and laugh. I was selecting ribbons to tie the lavender pouches to the bags when he pounced on them and started rolling around. I stopped what I was doing just to […]


Etsy Favourites

I haven’t posted my ‘found favourites’ for a while so I thought I would. From top left to right: Gorgeous ‘Bunny Ring’ by Dillondesigns; ‘Bird in the Grass’ original print by Amy Schimler from Redfishcircle; ’10 large antique watch crystals’ that I think are beautiful (although I have no use for them, I want them) […]


Curious Mischief

Mischief is always around…in and out of everything. Here are some quick snaps of him sitting on a box of Wren bags (he could not get inside so decided to try and gracefully sit on it hoping that the box would collapse. This plan failed as I spotted him before it gave way and he […]


Charcoal Sketches of Mischief

  I haven’t been able to draw for ages! Last night I couldn’t sleep and decided to try and draw Mischief sleeping on the end of the bed. I thought it would end like all my other drawing attempts in the past year where all I achieved was a pyramid of crunched up papers. I […]


Mischief in the laundry basket

  My family adopted a ginger cat not so long ago – Mischief. He adores human company and from the moment he sees you he either starts purring or talking. He is like a child: never leaves you alone and constantly wants to be fed (he arrived skinny and is now rather fat). True to […]