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Dark Red

What is the difference between maroon, burgundy and ox-blood? Maroon comes from the French word maroon (“chestnut”) and is a brownish-red like the suede leather on this ‘antique linen and leather bag’. Did you know that the word maroon used as a verb is to put (a person) ashore on a desert island and abondon […]



Various shades of purple and turquoise come from a family of molluscs called Murex. The pigment (note, not dye) is secreted by the little sea snail when physically attacked so, in a way, this prized colour shares the same kind of sad love story as the oyster and pearl. However, the sea snail gets to […]


Alejandra Laviada

I was first attracted to Alejandra Laviada’s work becuase of the colours, then because of the unusual objects that were the colours and then … well I was hooked. Look at all these great photographs: This is my favourite photograph (below): She “explores the shifting relationship between photography and sculpture, whereby ordinary objects are stripped […]


Colour Window

Colours have fantastic names: Bubblegum pink, Gooseberry, Sunflower Symphony, Fuzzy peach, Harvest Oats, Smiling Yellow, Hot Terracotta, Midnight Iris, Clouded Pearl, Tiger Orange etc. However, as much as I love this aspect of colour, I am not very good at it. So, to help me I have collected paint swatches that I can match a […]


My Natural Dye Collection

I have a very soft spot for colour. In fact, it is probably the most important part of any design to me. There is a definite magic to colour…. The stories behind various colours are also amazing. They are soaked in history and play as important a part as any spice in world history. A […]


Textile Design Trends

Every year Heimtextil trade show presents all the latest in textile design. It is often easy to distinguish the trends and to define in what movement direction the consumer is moving. However, this year (presenting Fall/Winter 08/09) there were over 2,800 exhibitors so to identify the trends was not as easy. Here are a few […]