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Pretty Young Spring Thing Competition

The sun is shining and there is no wind – the weather is gorgeous today and I plan to spend most of the afternoon outside. Spring is here (well almost). Beatnik Bazaar has put together an amazing competition called ‘pretty young spring thing’ to celebrate the coming of spring. There are many fabulous and delicious […]


It’s not about being first.

I had an epiphany (big word, I know, but it’s a big realization) today. I am not in a competition. Everybody just does the best they can. There is no win and loose. I never used to be competitive, I still do not think I really am. I back down very quickly but silently I […]


The Winner Is…

The winner of the Dragon Fly and Dots Tulip Bag competition is: Thank you to everybody for entering. The number of responses blew my mind and all the lovely comments really made week. I wish I could have made everybody a winner.


WIN a Tulip Bag

My latest release, The Tulip Bag, took months of planning and many samples were made. Of these samples I have choosen the best one and have decided to give it away (all you have to pay for is postage to your part of the world). Note: The quality of this bag is in no way […]


Naked Patterns

Ever had a great pattern idea? Well, here’s your opportunity. Naked & Angry is a company created by a team of web designers and developers called skinnyCorp. They also created the community-driven Threadless.com which invites designers to submit tee shirt designs to be scored by the Threadless community. Naked & Angry is an extension of […]