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Interior Colour Trends

On Friday Monika Fecht from Renolit introduced the new colours and surfaces for interiors, (and touched on the colours for fashion as this is where so much stems from), for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. In general the colour palette was very subtle, almost sun-bleached but certainly not washed-out. The colours are fresh and sharp but not […]


The Art in Knitting

I am not much of a knitter – in fact, I don’t and can’t knit at all! However, that does not prevent me from admiring Sandra Backlund’s heavy wool collage kniting. She is unlike any other ‘knitter’ I have come across – she is an artist and sculptor whose medium is wool and whose paint […]


From the Past, For the Future

I am passionate about recycling, re-using, re-creating, organic fabrics and natural dyes. I love the magic that is either gained or restored to a product or design. Recently I have come across several young designers who have used the ‘old’ and created the ‘new’. Nicole Rae Styer is a young fashion designer who has turned […]


Inspired Lingerie

I have a bit of a thing for really good underwear, or if you wish, lingerie. My Btech Surface Design thesis was a combination of undergarments, organic fabrics, rich natural dyes and feminism. It might seem strange that I now design bags…but in a way they are similar. They are both accessories, they act to […]