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the PPC Cement Laptop Bag story

The story about how the PPC Cement Laptop Bag came to be is rather straight forward > I was at a shoe factory ordering shoes (pumps to be specific) one random day and they were showing me how they made them. Part of the procedure is to fuse the desired outer fabric to a cotton […]


TOTAL’s Fresh Air Campaign

Last week TOTAL’s Evolution ECO Challenge Team joined me for a day to find out a bit more about ‘the WREN design’ and how the environment is central to our designs. I love what they have captured: focusing on myself and Fatima (my right-hand seamstress) in our work spaces (aka homes), you get an honest […]


the JUTE range shoot

Above: ORGANIC JUTE COFFEE SLING & SHOULDER BAGS. *Location: BoKaap, Cape Town. *Model: Azola *Photographer: Ricardo Above: JUTE COFFEE CARRY-ALL BAG *Location: Cape Town Central. *Model: Keke *Photographer: Ricardo Above: ORGANIC JUTE COFFEE SHOULDER BAG *Location: BoKaap , Cape Town. *Model: Azola *Photographer: Ricardo  Above: JUTE COFFEE TRAVEL BAG *Location: Salt River Train Station, Cape Town. […]


PPC Cement Laptop Bag – The Packaging

Packaging, labels and tags are an important part of a product. I believe that they complete a product in the same way putting on a great pair of heels or polished shoes finishes off an outfit. The pun with the PPC Cement Laptop Bag packaging is that its packaging in packaging. The laptop bag is […]