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Wonderful new blogs

Weird and wonderful luggage by Williams Handmade via Designers Block blog. If I had these I would probably get to the hotel room, open it and everything would tumble out becuase I packed it wrong. Packing cables into cardboard rolls is a great idea that I found on Freshly Found’s blog. Forest Bound is one […]


Blog Cleaning

I know…I know…my blog and my shop have been rather neglected. In my defense, Ive been painting the house (I couldn’t take living in a butter dish any longer), lecturing full time and keeping Wren afloat. I now have time off (yippeee) and to start off, I thought I would tidy my blog up. There […]


Design Exhibition Opening

Monday is the opening of the  Cape Peninsula University of Technology (or in short, CPUT) Faculty of Informatics and Design (or in short, Design) exhibition. It is an amazing event with floors filled with creativity. There is Industrial, Surface, Jewelry, Fashion, Graphics, Architecture, Photography … you name it, if it has something to do with […]


Skip. Don’t run.

Since I got back my feet have not stopped running and I am exhausted. My to-do-list feels like an impossible hope and daylight seems to disappear before I look up. So for today’s post I decided to see what some other’s are up to: I love Sooziebee’s birdy doodles. (Good luck with the gardening Sue). […]


The Spirit of Sharing

I love sharing, being a part of collaborative learning and growing. It has always been part of the Wren concept. Recently though I have noticed there have been a few things popping up that I think have been influenced by some of my work. At first, I was happy to see this becuase it means […]


Finding Inspiration

Today I’ve got inspiration ‘block’. This is not something easy to overcome so I turned to the internet and found this post by Elite called “Feeling the need for some inspiration on Monday”. Inspired by it I decided to list the things I know help me. Here they are: 1. Write a list of things […]


The magical ingredients

Three are supposedly many ‘magical’ ingredients to successful business’s but are they really ‘magical’ when you know what they are and that they are achievable by everybody? Alex Iskold has written a very inspirational article titled ‘What Start-ups can learn from Haruki Murakami‘  and drawn four key points from it that I feel are the […]