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Classic Antique Linen Bag

It is about time I reintroduced the Classic Antique Linen Bag to the Wren range. Since the photoshoot I have kept them in a dark space in my studio waiting for the edited photographs to arrive so that I could offer you both the beautiful image and the bag in it. I think it was […]


The Linen Patch Bag *NEW*

Sometimes the most beautiful things are made out of a lot of smaller just-as-beautiful things. Like the Linen Patch Bag. Made from small pieces of antique linen that are pieced together to fit each other perfectly. The linen texture of this fabric is beautiful, soft and full of history: hand-woven and homespun over 100 years […]


The Leather House

Today I choose leather to compliment my newly arrived antique linen grain sacks. Walking into the leather warehouse always makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable. I realise that this is a contentious issue but I think it is good that you know where I stand. I will never agree to the sale of fur […]


NEW {The Antique Linen & Leather Bag}

The {Antique Linen & Leather Bags} are more beautiful than words can truly describe. The textures are soft and as you run your hand over the surface,  you can feel the small knots that tied together the threads that are used to weave this fabric over 100 years ago. Complimented with leather trim, the design […]


linen love

I have been playing with different linens for a new bag design. Laid side-by-side they make a lovely natural colour palette and the textures are not only beautiful to feel but also to look at. I’m in-love. I cant wait to transform these fabrics it into a bag that I can ‘feel’ all day long.


Bring on the Glitz and Glamour

The new Wren Big Town Bags for the week are super snazzy! The Autumn Leaf (left) and Silver Raindrops (right) Bags are made from Designers Guild fabric (that has a silver sheen over-print) and raw silk (top bands). The Golden Flower Empress Bag (middle) is primarily a chocolate brown Camphill linen with stylized flowers. The […]