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PPC Cement Laptop Bag – The Packaging

Packaging, labels and tags are an important part of a product. I believe that they complete a product in the same way putting on a great pair of heels or polished shoes finishes off an outfit. The pun with the PPC Cement Laptop Bag packaging is that its packaging in packaging. The laptop bag is […]



It is great when practical and sustainable ideas are real … and easy. For example, how often do you have cement left over when you build? This is one instance where you have to see the bag half full as opposed to half empty. Local hardware stores are encouraging you to bring in your half […]


New Wren Wrapping

Finally I have found a use for my swallow silhouettes… The Small Town Bags are still packaged in the classic brown paper bags but now they are decorated with cut-out map swallows. Using my pile of mis-printed maps I cut miniature versions of my wall-art swallows and spray-glued them to the paper bags. To close […]


Wren Wrapping

I value the wrapping of gifts and I carry this through to Wren bag packaging. Each Wren bag is packaged in a brown paper bag sealed with a safety pin decorated with brightly coloured beads. The safety pin is a traditional South African clothing item used instead of a button to hold clothes together and […]