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Behind the scenes

On Friday Ricardo Van Lingen – photographer (standing on the ladder above), Rodrigue Porquet (shading under the embrela below) – model, Michael Thomson (drawing below) – artist and me, Wendren – directing (taking the photograph), created the scene for the PPC Cement Laptop Bag Photoshoot. The concept was “to play” between 2D and 3D, static […]


Best shots

Jeremy and I enjoy taking photgraphs and playing with the different settings but it is rather intimidating when the car next to you rolls down their window and out zooms a 50cm long lens – you get camera shy in a different way. Either way, we did manage to get some really lovely photographs. Half […]


Bark Patterns

Like any old person, there are lines that tell the tale of time. This tree has so many different lines and the compositions of texture are beautiful. The picture above is looking through one of the two tree’s towards the sunrise over the ocean. An amazing view, I know. I will definitely miss this when […]


Inspiring Images

Neville Trickett has an amazing talent of finding the common thread between two images that make them stronger together, and as one image. He has put together ‘series of composites’ and I find each one as inspiring as the other however, to keep this blog post short and reader friendly I put myself through the […]


Beautiful nature

The two pictures below are the Pincushion Protea’s buds. I cannot find words to describe them – they are more beautiful than I have ever noticed. These photo’s were taken by Jeremy and again, the macro lens (which was borrowed). I have got to get one of those!


The Designgoods Market

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday and the Old Biscuit Mill was buzzing. Pic Above: To your left is the the Kindergoods Market tent and peeking behind the cars is the Designgoods Market tent. Pic Below: As you walk into the Neighbourgoods Market tent (food) you are greed by a stream of people. The […]



Last week Jeremy bought me a bunch of lilies. I have never seen a bunch like this: They just keep going (and not all of them are even open yet), my flat smells absolutely gorgeous and they look so peaceful. With a borrowed macro lens Jeremy took some photographs of them that are truly fabulous. […]