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It is great when practical and sustainable ideas are real … and easy. For example, how often do you have cement left over when you build? This is one instance where you have to see the bag half full as opposed to half empty. Local hardware stores are encouraging you to bring in your half […]


Goodergoods Give-a-way

I have been so excited about this feature and give-a-way and finally the day has come for me to share… ‘Summer sunny, grey bunny’ Miranda from ‘goodergoods’ etsy shop makes ‘good creatures‘ from the most unusual, but yet awesome, objects – socks, gloves, blankets and neckties. How often do you end up with one poor […]


REcycled Tuesday

Here is a collection of all my favourite recycled things from etsy. Clockwise from left to right: 1) The Alexander Mandinka Hand-Bag which is made entirely of reclaimed and recycled men’s suit coat coats. 2) Reiter8 pillow made from recycled sail boat sails! Reiter8 also make fantastic bags so go and check them out. 3) […]


The Art of Giving

The Japanese approach to wrapping is one that I draw a lot of inspiration from. To the Japanese the wrapping of the gift is an art and often more important than the actual gift itself. The function of wrapping in Japan is to refine the object and to add layers of meaning to the gift […]


Wren Wrapping

I value the wrapping of gifts and I carry this through to Wren bag packaging. Each Wren bag is packaged in a brown paper bag sealed with a safety pin decorated with brightly coloured beads. The safety pin is a traditional South African clothing item used instead of a button to hold clothes together and […]