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Inspiring Images

Neville Trickett has an amazing talent of finding the common thread between two images that make them stronger together, and as one image. He has put together ‘series of composites’ and I find each one as inspiring as the other however, to keep this blog post short and reader friendly I put myself through the […]



Jacobean Wren Big Town Bag The base fabric of the ‘Jacobean bag’ reminds me of William Morris and Matthew Williamson designs. It is decorative, detailed and so beautiful. The colours of this fabric bring it into the 21st century with aquamarine, cyan, teal, rust, burlywood and touches of old gold. The inside is lined with […]


The Shweshwe Story

This magical blue fabric has a fascinating history. The story begins in Europe where the fabric was imported from Asia, mainly India. The cloth was originally made using natural indigo dye but a synthetic substitute as well as two additional colours (a rich chocolate brown and a vibrant red) is now used.The original German Print, […]


About Wren Bags

Wren bags are very special. Each one is unique, a one-of-a-kind, and with its own personality – just like you! A lot of time is spent making sure the colours and patterns of each bag work together. All the bags are made perfectly so that they last you a long time and meet the highest […]