The history of our studio space

Studio 2008-2009

In 2008, when I started dreaming about making a living out of making, I started on my kitchen counter and bedroom floor. Pretty soon it became more appropriate to say that “I lived where I worked” rather than “worked where I lived” as my bookcase was replaced with fabric and my kitchen counter with thread boxes.

So, I moved. I took over my boyfriends flat.

Studio 2009-2014

First I took over the bedroom, then I took over the garage (note, these were the largest rooms in the house). Then I had to get a storage unit (bottom right-hand corner) and then eventually, when we had no more space to park a car and even the house was getting a bit small, Simple Intrigue and I decided to share a real studio space.

Studio 2014-2015

We found a great building in Muizenberg. Sure enough, the ivy was growing through windows, but we filled the space and made it the inspiring space I dreamt about. Pretty soon I got what we called “space obesity”, and Keri missed her Kalk Bay View from her home garage so she moved out and I rented out two room to old neighbours, Metaphoria.

With a growing business I started filling every spare inch of space.

Studio 2015-2017

My office room became the storage room and soon it was a box room with a desk (top). Yvonne was always at risk of being hit by a falling box and Fernanda had to follow a maze route to get to the finished products. Metaphoria were fantastic studio partners and also grew and needed a more formal space so we parted ways and we took over all 4 rooms and open spaces.

Wren Studio 2017

9 years later we have our own space – a room dedicated to each process and stage of making Wren products. We have a proper studio sign, are on google maps and you can even come and buy from us in the studio (we have Snapscan, credit card facilitates and a large “seconds” sale shelf). It has been an incredible journey of growing.

It hasn’t taken long and I can already seem our walls contracting again. I am am already dreaming about a building that faces the sun, and has space for more creative production….ha ha

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  1. September 20, 2017 at 11:16 am #

    Amazing, well done. It has been great to see your business grow over the years!

    • September 20, 2017 at 11:29 am #

      Thank you Kerry. It has been quite a journey. I wonder what the next 9 years will hold… :)

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