What some of our customers have to say

Wren PPC Laptop Bags Surebuild in use 1.5MB

My bag has been to Kenya and Cambodia, Peru and the Galapagos, India and Europe, Costa Rica and Canada, and of course, all over the place in the USA. Everywhere I go I get compliments, but mostly I just love how it fits my computer, feels soft and worn and fun, and makes it easier to meet new people.”


USA, 2017

Cama Orange Paper Travel Bags Angle Lres

After many cement laptop bags I have bought over the years, that have been with me through thick and thin, I thought I’d give this Orange Travel Bag a go for my travels, and it is just as lovely, reliable and eye-catching. It puts me into a good mood every time I see it. It’s a sturdy high quality piece. It came with a lovely note from the helpful Wren team. Thank you for all your wonderful bags and kindness over the years!”


UK, 2019

Wren Sleeves Natural Laptop front 83KB

I use my wren MacBook plain-paper cover all the time up in JHB high court (no one knows it is a Mac – it’s a security blanket!) and everyone always comments on it.”


South Africa, 2018

Wren Sleeves Moths Indigo Gold laptop front 247KB

I just received the sleeve and am thoroughly impressed with the quality and attention to detail. The personalised card was a great touch and made me feel like part of the “family”. Will definitely recommend you guys, and order other products in the future.”


South Africa, 2019

Wren Evolution Colab Fern 5 Slim Wallet In hand lres

I love my new wren stuff. The travel folder and the slim wallet are just amazing.
Thank you soooo much.”


Switzerland, 2019

Made to last. Look Good.

And Do Good.