Where does our paper come from?

Wren sources paper from several sources opting to reclaim paper waste first, recycle second and buy new certified paper from accredited suppliers as a last resort.

When it is possible and available we collect what is called reel-ends from packaging printing factories that are classified as “waste”. The end of a roll has paper creases that prevent it being used on a roll printer. We collect this paper and bring it to our studio where we either flat table print it or use it as is. We save this paper from being pulped and save energy resources.

For our PPC Cement Laptop Bags and other printed packaging products we ask that misprinted bags are sent to us for use in the creation of our laptop bags or other corporate gifting. This is a form of recycling.

Only when we absolutely cannot get supply do we go this route and even then we ensure that our paper is certified with environmental management certification ISO 14001 or sustainable forestry certification.

Is our paper special?

Yes it is special to us, but it also everyday paper that you would interact with. The paper is packaging paper that is use to protect and hold cement. In South Africa our cement bags are 50kg so this paper has to be really strong!


Our paper is sprayed with Si02 (Nano Silicon Dioxide). This is an environmentally friendly and noin toxic coating and that makes the surface hydrophobic (water resistant), oleophobic (oil resistant) and dirt resistant.

Our face masks get a second coating. They are sprayed with Si02Ag (Nano Silicon Dioxide with silver particles). This coating adds an additional property to the surface making it anti-microbial. 

These coatings do not change the optic or haptic quality of our paper.

Watch water resistancy video


Our paper is fused to fabric to give it a unique handle and longer lifespan. This fabric comes from Zimbabw and India but perchased through local agents to support the local economy. We prefer to work with 100% cotton fabrics becuase we are not fans of anything synthetic.

An example of “doing the best with what we can” is how we reuse the plastic that our fabric is wrapped in. Using our heat press we convert the plastic sheeting into bin bags that we use at our studio and homes. 

The batting we use in our sleeves contains 100% recycled fibres. This means the source is more sustainable than other battings. Wherever possible we choose the sustainable option and when there is not clear alternative, we commit and invest in research so that we might be able to find an alternative  in line with the company’s sustainability policy and goals. 


We have some great business relationships and the relationship we have with our printers is one of those that is special. We have chosen to work with printing factories that share the same fair trade principles as us because this is an industry that we have found to be similar to the manufacturing one where taking advantage of cheap labour and ignoring environmentally issues is very prevalent.

We check all of our printers to ensure that their environmental and labour practises are in line with South African law.

Using high technology we make use of a UV flat bed large scale printer.

We make use of water based inks and where possible design to cut down on the use of emulsions used in the screenprinting process. For example, to make our solid colour sheets we flood the screens meaning that no exposing or emulsion needs to be used.


We love packaging becuase every item is a gift! Even if just for yourself.

The experience of unwrapping must be magical but should not be in excess of the product or negative to the environment so we have gone to great lengths to eliminate plastic from all of our packaging.

  • Our products have paper tags that are either wrapped around products or tied with petersham tape which can be easily recycled.
  • Our products have wrap-and-tie specially designed boxes. We limit our branding on these boxes in the hope that rather than recycle you will re use them for gifting or storage.
  • When we seal boxes we use kraft paper-based box tape rather than the cheaper plastic alternative tape.
  • When we send local parcels we use compostable bags and recyclable paper envelopes rather than the courier sponsored plastic satchels.
Watch unwrapping video

Time to do some gift shopping?

When you buy something it is a gift. Even if it is for you!

This is why every parcel we gift wrap. For free!