Wren promotes an ethic of shared industry and there is a sense that it exists only through the people who contribute their skills.
The craft and stitch industry is predominantly female and as such, our team is almost all female, and female-led. The two men who are a part of the team are very valued and contribute greatly the balance and success of the company. 

An important goal of the business is to create a stable and sustainable means of earning for everybody connected to the company.
This is done by creating a work environment that is built on trust, fairness, respect and the promotion of individual growth opportunities.

Meet the team and read their stories coming to work at Wren.



The Wren Design was founded by Wendren Setzer in 2008 when she took the decision to resign from her job as a textile designer at a clothing factory. She found that working for a large corporation was unfulfilling and wanted to take on a new challenge. Finding herself in need of a handbag, she decided to put her own design skills to use and made her own. This became her first product and so she launched into her new career as an entrepreneur. By starting a business that was more in keeping with her own design ideas, she had the freedom to apply a more innovative approach to product development. Her belief in the value of good workmanship over mass-produced products, designing with kind consideration for the earth and its people has served as the central principle around which the business has evolved. She has kept a practical, hands-on approach to the business ever since.

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Jeremy Setzer
A-Team Support

When you are married to the company founder you cannot help but be very much involved. Since pre 2008! No small business grows without incredible dedication and Jeremy is at every customer focused event, involved in every big company decision and can be counted on to dream big when Wendren is taking the road of caution. Read More

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Deidre Plato
PRODUCT and Production EXPERT

Every day Deidre walks 5km to get to work. She likes to walk and on top of this, she is always early. Read More

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Carmen Reeva
The best shop manager. ever.

Carmen has a passion for sales, targets and people that is unmatched. The first day of work in 2017 she spent squinting over the fine print of swing tags trying to learn all she could about the various brands before admitting she had forgotten her glasses at home and had a massive headache. Her dedication to offering exceptional customer service to shoppers is noticed and appreciated!

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Jerome, Alexia & Audrey
Independant Makers

Jerome and Lexi, a husband and wife team, together with Audrey from down the road, became dedicated makers of Wren products between 2018 and 2019. With an incredible “can do” attitude nothing is too big or too small for them. In fact, we usually have to put the reins on to keep them from working too hard! Read More


They are committed to growing with the company and have set up their home factory with the necessary machines and furniture to produce high quality stitched paper products. Always keen to learn and grow we have no doubt that this is a relationship with a bright future.


At Wren we take dreams seriously.

We are proud to have had the privilege to work with many  talented individuals since 2008. Where ever we could, we have helped achieve professional and personal goals.

We celebrate the journey of growth of every person who has been apart of The Wren family.

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Melany Hodgson

With Wren’s help Melany became a whizz at admin and customer management.  She merchandised our stores and assisted developing marketing materials. Wren  helped her upskill her digital editing skills by supporting Photoshop courses. Mel has made her dream come true as she now works as a digital illustrator. 



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Fernanda started as a packer and worked her way up to studio production manager.  She attended leadership courses, money management courses and  achieved a dream by getting her driver’s license with the help of Wren in 2020. She now manages a larger team and factory.

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Cynthia Sithole

We love that Cynthia arrived at our doorstep, as a waitress, never working in the creative industry but dreaming of doing so. We trained her in cutting and production, and with us she attended a financial management course. She is now working at a larger factory in their production line.

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Danielle-Terri Alexander

Danielle worked with us for several months learning how a creative studio operates. She attended Social Media workshops and gained experience. She now works for a photographic studio.


Meet sihle

sihle soldati

Straight out of Design School Sihle joined us as our first sample machinist. She grew in skills and experience with us.


Roger matadi

A highly skilled tailor. We helped him by providing regular work to sustain him and his family back home in Congo. Roger left to return to his family in 2017.


sonja Maltzahn

At a time when Wren started growing at a rapid rate, Sonja came in and helped build systems that would ensure better work flows and efficient production processes. Finding her calling, she left to pursue a career in system management and later moved to Germany.


Yvonne brooks
2010 - 2018

Our very first staff member. Yvonne trained all of her predecessors, including Wendren who she taught to use an Industrial sewing machine. 


Yvonne left to retire and be a full time great granny.

Fatima And Zurina scaled

Zurina & Fatima
Independant Makers 2010-2020

In 2008 when Wendren worked in the clothing industry she met Fatima and Zurina (sisters). The first bag she took to them they laughed and said “no”. With a few key individuals convincing them to try, they have never looked back. Read More

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