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  • wata_mini-front

    WATA White Mini Sleeve

    African rivers are deadly not only because of the creatures that live in them but also because of the strong and powerful gods that rule them. With lots of flowing lines that mimic the currents, this design pays respect to one of the greatest life givers and takers in Africa.

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  • cama_laptop-front

    CAMA Orange Laptop Sleeve

    Chameleons are fascinating creatures: a prehistoric body that can change colour with a tongue that rolls out longer than their body. Some African fables say that this is why they cannot be trusted. There are many beliefs associated with this little creature that hides in the trees.

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  • ara_tablet-front

    ARA White iPad & Tablet Sleeve

    The Frog design has its roots in poisonous frogs that are tied to tradition and ritual. Many frogs have healing properties, while some frogs can cause death. There are even some that have have mind-altering qualities.

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  • Optical Africa Range

    Wren Cama Orange iPad Sleeve

    Frogs tare very tied to African tradition and ritual. Chameleons are deeply feared in African culture and are rare to find becuase of that. Water gives and takes life. Read what each design is about…

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