Evolution Project Collaboration

Transforming nostalgic narratives into products that you can accompany you along your journey of everyday. Original lithographs and pressed ferns on photographic paper were discovered by the Evolution team deep in the archives of South African  museums and brought to life in these print reproductions. 

Bringing History to your everyday experience

Five years ago Wren was selected to participate in the CBI program along with 20 other South African design companies. As part of this newly formed family, Wendren met Amanda of Evolution Product and loved listening to the stories behind each print. They also shared similar values and business ethical practises. 

As both of companies have grown, so has their business relationship. Partners at The Collective shop at the V&A Waterfront this collaborating brings together a selection of Evolution prints on Wren paper products.


Blagrave Fernsutpat.

Named appropriately after Thomas C. Blagrave, a retired lieutenant colonel from England that created the first comprehensive study of ferns in South Africa in 1860. He recorded his finding in the unique format of photograms. 

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Commemorated Lithographs

Originating from evocative lithograph stamps found in the archives of SANBI, donated in the late 1950’s. The metal plated wooden blocks discovered were used in the early 1930’s by the iconic farming magazine, Landbou Weekblad from South Africa that is still in circulation today.

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More Design Stories

Wren Sleeves Optical Africa Cama 247KB

Optical Africa

Inspired by a visit to the Escher Museum in The Netherlands Wendren returned home resolving to develop a range that captured some of the magic and trickery of Escher’s art that is found in African folk stories and fabrics.

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Wren Sleeves Flying

Flying Fox & Owl and The Pussy Cat

Designs by Cape Townian Illustrator Lauren Fowler and textile designer and founder of Wren, Wendren Setzer.


Dots & Squares

A timeless game connecting dots, creating lines and blocks. This design is a visual documentary of two students playing.

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WREN Silver Laptop Lres

Butter Paper

When a giant roll of the “wrong” reel-end paper arrived from the packaging factory we did not know what to do with it. We tried it and the product was very shiny but a staff member liked it and choose to use it. Several months later we fell in love with how the silver paper had aged!

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European Memories lres scaled


Photographic collagesof travel destinations and experiences.

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Doodle, draw or colour in on Wren paper using any alcohol based ink or pen.

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