Evolution & Wren Collaboration

Five years ago I was selected to participate in the CBI program along with 20 other South African design companies. As part of this newly formed family, I met Amanda of Evolution Product and loved learning about her product and company. Like Wren that questions the use of paper as only a writing material, Evolution questions the predetermined place of lithographs and photograms that are stored in the dark corners of museum fire-proof rooms. As both of our companies have grown, so has our business relationship. We are partners of The Collective shop at the V&A Waterfront and have recently collaborated bringing together a selection of Evolution prints on Wren paper products.
Lithographic and photogram images from two Evolution’s Ranges were selected for the collaboration: Blagrave’s Ferns and Commemorated Lithographs.
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Blagrave’s Ferns:

Named appropriately after Thomas C. Blagrave, a retired lieutenant colonel from England that created the first comprehensive study of ferns in South Africa in 1860. He recorded his finding in the unique format of photograms. Evolution fell in love with the textures of the photographic paper and the iridescent effect of the film with the strong contrast of the fern patterns.

Wren Evolution Colab Fern 8 Family lres 1
Fern 8 : Polysticum Range
Wren Evolution Colab Fern 3 Family lres 1
Fern 3 : Asplenium Collection

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Commemorated Lithographs:

Originating from evocative lithograph stamps found in the archives of SANBI, donated in the late 1950’s. The metal plated wooden blocks discovered were used in the early 1930’s by the iconic farming magazine, Landbou Weekblad from South Africa that is still in circulation today. After the discovery of these valued pieces of history, photographs were taken by the Evolution team and enhanced to reveal moss and winter leaf colours. The visuals are grainy and evocative.
The effect is mysterious and magical.

Wren Evolution Colab Aloe Hill Family lres
Aloe Hill Collection
Wren Evolution Colab Winter Leaf Family lres
Winter Leaf