Creating opportunities through empowerment

We are commited to Non Discrimation, Gender Equality and Women’s Economic Empowerment and Freedom of Association. 

The Wren Design is committed to creating a stable and sustainable means of income for everybody in and involved with the company. This is done by creating consistent work for independent makers and hiring sustainability and for the long term.

We invest in people growing strengths of team members by sharing knowledge and through select skills development. This includes creating opportunities for experience or skills development within The Wren Design for the youth, underprivileged, previously disadvantaged or other marginalised individuals.


To create with respect for the environment

We use eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible.

We only use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies at our studio

We have eliminated plastic and use alternatives in packaging.

Independent makers and suppliers commit to using recyclable or reusable packaging only.

The Wren Design recycles its studio waste and seeks ways to improve efficiency to reduce end material or other waste.

We look for creative solutions to reusing wherever possible. An example of this is how the plastic that our fabric is wrapped in is reused. Using a heat, press the plastic sheeting is fused into big bags for general waste and recycling.

The independent makers, suppliers commit to minimize waste of materials by considering wastage at every step in the production process. 



The Wren Design is transparent in its management and commercial relations. It is accountable to all its stakeholders including its independent makers.

  • The communication channels are good and open at all levels of the supply chain.
  • We have agreements with our independent makers of ethical work practises.
  • All suppliers are vetted for lawful compliance.

We aspire to have good relationships with each other, with suppliers and our customers and believe that this should be based on trust which is built on honesty.

The Wren Design does not maximise profit at the expense of any person, company or producer. We believe in fair pay for work.

With our independent makers, what is understood as fair pay is mutually negotiated and agreed upon by all parties involved through ongoing dialogue and participation, and is a rate that can also be sustained by the market.

The aim is always a local living wage and all independent makers, suppliers and staff commit to paying this to any person they may contract or employ.

The Wren Design is responsible and professional in meeting its commitments in a timely manner.

We believe that creativity can only be achieved in spaces that are nice, happy and safe. This is just one reason why we like being near the seaside where we can take beach walks when needed to clear one’s head.

It is important that The Wren Design, independent makers and suppliers provide a good working environment for staff. This includes following South African labour laws on hours worked, breaks and national health and safety conventions are followed.

Support ethical business.