Time for some Silver!

When a giant roll of silver foiled paper was delivered we cringed. This was not what we had ordered but we couldn’t send it back, couldn’t recycle it (becuase it is foiled) and was certainly not going to put it out with the trash.

After starring at the roll for a few months, and it reflecting lots of sunshine into our studio, we decided to give making something out of it a try.
It worked and looked pretty cool so we decided to use it.
This is the magic that happened…

Wren Silver 13inch Laptop Sleeve Front lres combination

What we discovered when we made a sample laptop sleeve out of this paper (that is actually used to wrap butter blocks), was that although starting out out crisp, bright and highly reflective, it changed.  The paper matured and became softer with wrinkles and folds that revealed the beautiful brown base paper. It became modest, humble and truly beautiful with no two the same. It is Wabi-Sabi without trying and we love this!