RFID Blocking Paper Wallet

Our silver paper was a mistake.

We were meant to get our usual kraft but instead got kraft with laminated silver foil on the inside. For years it sat in our studio.

We did try and make a sample laptop sleeve with it and it worked but it was so bright it hurt our eyes.

Until one day I decided to use it.

Everybody loved it and I started to wonder if perhaps I had overlooked this gem? As time passed the paper crackled and the high sheen of the silver settled into a matt silver and I started to love it.

Recently we discovered a new reason to love the silver foiled kraft, originally used to wrap butter blocks. It’s foiled surface stops digital pick-pocketers from getting the information off your cards with RFID blocking properties. Now you have to love it!

Check out the silver collection.

What is RFID

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a chip attached to an object such as your credit card. With this information and malicious intent, a person can activate the chips in your wallet and ‘skim’ the information getting your credit card number and other personal information..

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