Memories Collection

Travelling is the ultimate adventure. You discover new places, meet new people and take in sights the extend your knowledge. Europe is a special place to visit: majestic ruins of old cities, amazing museums and galleries, generation-old streets that are still major traffic ways and buildings from before time comprehensible.

European Memories 2

Our European Memories Sleeves are collages of friends photographs documenting their travels. Perhaps you shared some of the same routes in your travels? Digitally printed onto sleeves using instagram-mosaic like frames, a jewel-like effect of colour and image is created.

We like to think of our Memories Collection as “practical postcards”. You take a bit with you from your holiday always. Use the mini for postcards (as in the above picture), or to travel with your kindle. If you are one of those fortunate souls that can mix work and pleasure, then a Memories Laptop Sleeve is perfect to get you through the long working hours reminding you what you can look forward to.

In the Memories Collection are three travel destinations:


Wren Sleeves African Memories Safari family 210KB

African Safari

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Wren Sleeves African Memories Cape Town family 237KB

The Mother City: Cape Town

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Wren European Memories Set lowres

European Memories

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