The Story behind the Dots & Squares Design

Last year when I was lecturing I noticed that some of my design students were playing a game called “Connect the Dots“. Pretty soon most of the class were playing this game and I started collecting all of the half finished games (of which there were many because students are notorious for “losing their work”).


Looking at this design objectively I was drawn to it’s rather beautiful geometric quality. I also loved how it was hand drawn each time. No computer generated grid was used. The game also reminded me of one of my favorite life guide-lines that being creative is all about connecting experiences. The more “games” I collected the more inspired I was to use it as a design: a design that you could even start engaging with and playing if you wanted!

img_1359 img_1369-2

By merging several unfinished games the Dots & Squares design was born. Love it, let it remind you to experience life, play it or just enjoy its pattern > it’s a great design!