Wildlife Slim Wallet


The Wildlife Slim Wallet is made from reclaimed packaging paper that is fused for strength and coated (with an environmentally friendly treatment) to be water-resistant.

Original ink artwork by Sharon Bonzaaier.

Inspired by the African animals that if you are lucky, you spot on safari: The Black Rhino hiding deep in the bush. The precious and very protected little Dung Beetle rolling a ball of Elephant dung across the track. The majestic Lion, king of the beasts. The fastest of all the land animals, the Cheetah.

This wild composition celebrates the unique patterns and shapes of Africa’s creatures; big and small.

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE WWF: Until quite recently the African continent possessed not only the greatest concentration of wild animals in the world but the greatest variety too. Sadly, those almost endless herds are now a thing of the past. The World Wildlife Fund is working hard to educate, preserve and conserve the few remaining wilderness areas and their creatures. A percentage of the sale of every A BEAUTIFUL WORLD is donated to the WWF to ensure that the richness and beauty of the African wilderness will be there for future generations to observe, learn from and enjoy.

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