Ocean Notebook Organiser


Keep all your notes in one place with this Notebook Organiser.
– Side fold-over covers to give you a magic magnetic close.
– Pockets for notes, cards, and pens.
– Made from reclaimed paper that is digitally printed and fused to cotton for strength.
– Two locally produced 128pp unprinted and acid-free notebooks included.
– Coated to be water resistant (read more about this innovative coating and Wren materials).
– Made from reclaimed paper and fused to cotton for strength.

Local artist Sharon Bonzaaier was inspired by the meeting of two energetic ocean currents off the shores of South Africa to create this design. The artwork showcases a variety of marine life, from shy sharks to playful penguins, radiating with life. Whether you enjoy watching whales from the shoreline or diving into kelp forests, this artwork has something to offer for everyone to discover.

Closed: 16 x 23.5cm / Open: 46 x 23.5cm