Ocean Notebook Organiser


This ocean-inspired Notebook Organiser will answer your deep longing for the perfect desk-on-the-go, notebook with simplicity, and order. Made from reclaimed packaging paper that is fused for strength and coated (with an environmentally friendly treatment) to be water-resistant.

Inspired by the meeting of two of the most energetic ocean currents off the shores of South Africa, Sharon Bonzaaier created the Ocean artwork in ink. From the delicate shy shark to the playful penguin this artwork radiates life. Whether you prefer to watch the whales from the shoreline or dive in the kelp forests, there is something for you to find.

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE WWF. With a growing global human population and encroaching coastal development, the long-term survival of marine ecosystems – and the many people that rely on them -are under threat. A percentage of the sale of every A BEAUTIFUL WORLD product is donated to the WWF to support the education, conservation, and preservation of our precious shores and oceans.

Featured in this design: *A swimming shoal of fish is gold foiled onto the design.

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