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The Linen Patch Bag *NEW*

Sometimes the most beautiful things are made out of a lot of smaller just-as-beautiful things. Like the Linen Patch Bag. Made from small pieces of antique linen that are pieced together to fit each other perfectly. The linen texture of this fabric is beautiful, soft and full of history: hand-woven and homespun over 100 years […]


Skip. Don’t run.

Since I got back my feet have not stopped running and I am exhausted. My to-do-list feels like an impossible hope and daylight seems to disappear before I look up. So for today’s post I decided to see what some other’s are up to: I love Sooziebee’s birdy doodles. (Good luck with the gardening Sue). […]


NEW!! Wren Bird Key Rings

!! NEW PRODUCT !! As a joint initiative with my Granny, her bead men and Wren, we have developed the Wren Bird Key Ring. The story: My Granny is always helping people. She has a strong creative streak in her that she willingly shares with others hoping that they can benefit from it. About 2 […]


New Wren Wrapping

Finally I have found a use for my swallow silhouettes… The Small Town Bags are still packaged in the classic brown paper bags but now they are decorated with cut-out map swallows. Using my pile of mis-printed maps I cut miniature versions of my wall-art swallows and spray-glued them to the paper bags. To close […]