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Gauze Poetry

Hesere Gildenhuys ‘Gauze Poetry’ was the highlight of the CPUT exhibition for me. She is a B.TEch Surface Design student that I feel produced something truly beautiful, interesting, engaging and strong with meaning. To give you some insight into the art pieces I will drop few key words: phenomenology embodiment perception and representation self reflection […]


Design Exhibition Opening

Monday is the opening of the  Cape Peninsula University of Technology (or in short, CPUT) Faculty of Informatics and Design (or in short, Design) exhibition. It is an amazing event with floors filled with creativity. There is Industrial, Surface, Jewelry, Fashion, Graphics, Architecture, Photography … you name it, if it has something to do with […]


Student’s Eco Design Project

The 2nd Year Surface Design Students of CPUT designed 100% eco-products and have been kind enough to allow me to show you some of what they have done. Gabi Adams and her light shade (The Suited Lamp) made out of old playing cards. Erna Lourens created eco-friendly blinds. The actual blinds are made using recycled […]


From the Past, For the Future

I am passionate about recycling, re-using, re-creating, organic fabrics and natural dyes. I love the magic that is either gained or restored to a product or design. Recently I have come across several young designers who have used the ‘old’ and created the ‘new’. Nicole Rae Styer is a young fashion designer who has turned […]