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Catch a glimpse of the new *Linen Tog Bag

There is a new bag is the making – the Linen Tog Bag (made from heavy antique herringbone linen). I went away this weekend to Citrusdal and decided to give the one-day-old sample a try. It is essentially an overnight bag (generous in size by male standards) but together with a Carry-all Bag I managed […]

New Bag Snapshots

[slideshow id=84] I couldn’t resist – I have to share this new bag with you even if only in part. It is such a wonderful bag – Jeremy keeps ‘stealing’ it and everytime I want to use it he has got his ‘stuff’ in it. We have to book the bag! It is deceivingly big […]


linen love

I have been playing with different linens for a new bag design. Laid side-by-side they make a lovely natural colour palette and the textures are not only beautiful to feel but also to look at. I’m in-love. I cant wait to transform these fabrics it into a bag that I can ‘feel’ all day long.


*NEW**The Ashleigh Bag*

It has been months since I introduced a new product. Some designs are quick to develop and others take longer. This one has taken months to perfect but I think that is what it now is: perfect. My favourite thing about this new style called the Ashleigh bag, is it’s versatility. It really is whatever […]


New arrival: The Tulip Bag

After much waited anticipation I can now introduce the Tulip Sling Bag! I have been so excited about this bag…I think it is gorgeous and although the design has been extremely tricky to perfect, I think it was worth it. The Wren Tulip bag is a more feminine, fun, relaxed and fashionable take on the […]